You’ll Start To See A Change

Can You See It? (You Will)
Can You See It? (You Will)

Do you consciously try to improve a little bit every day? Personally? Professionally?

Really not trying to annoy you, but I’ve spent 27 years of my life working for an organization that epitomizes excellence and continuous improvement, and epitomizes being the best – not one of the best, but THE best.

It was only a matter of time before the pace picked up.

That time has arrived.

Thanks to a ticking clock. Thanks to the iPad.

I wish I could tell you that I’ll wait for you, you know, until your ready to start living. But that’s now impossible.

There are 80 million blogs out there. There are 180,000 books written every year. A gazillion websites.

How does one capture the attention and interest of like-minded people?  If you’re a business owner, a leader, a manager – how do you do it? The same way as everyone else?

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker.

Know what that means? Duh, right?  Public speaker who gets paid…blah, blah, blah.

It means there are people who’s job is to give speeches. Everyday.

In front of people.  Sometimes a dozen, or several dozen. Sometimes a thousand, or several thousand.

And some of them really try to be so good at what they do (same as a parent, nurse, chef, etc) that their speech may actually start to change the world.

You know how I know this?  I’m one of them.  Happy day.  Carpe diem.

Hearing It 100 Times?

“Hearing something 100 times is not as good as seeing it once”. — Japanese proverb

“It’s not the material things in life that are important”. Most of us have heard this so many times we’ve  lost track, right?

If we know this to be true, that material things aren’t the important thing, why do we work so hard to get so much stuff?  That’s what I want to know.

I’d like to take a risk and ask you readers to leave a comment with your take on this human dilemma.  Happy Halloween.

Awesome Is As Awesome Does

Go Daddy web hosting and their customer service is world class. Period.

How do I know?

Have been a Go Daddy customer for two years now.  Every single time I call Go Daddy support, the experience simply blows me away.


Because they do the routine, yet important things really, really well.  And they do it with world class consistency.

It happened again last night. Thank you Jason (may or may not be real name) for taking care of my Go Daddy Web Analytics set up.  When I came home last night, it was like being a kid in a candy store.  Go Daddy ROCKS.

When’s Your Funeral?

Morbid thought or inspirational thought?

Inspirational thought!


Because when we realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed, perhaps we will put more focus on today.

Looks good on paper, but is incredibly elusive.  The whole “live in the moment” thing is very challenging to do.

Have you ever tried it?  I mean, day after day, after day.  Month after month, after month….