Life is not a dress rehearsal

Not only mystical, but mythical too.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

(Live like you mean it.)

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A seriously absurd notion

Track Shack Orlando building
Since 1978.


Track Shack running shoe selection
Track Shack running shoe selection viewed from my seat yesterday.


Track Shack shoe department
Notice upper left and right in photo above? Love to run, live to run translate to love to write, live to write.


Six years ago (Spring 2009) was contemplating how to overcome three decades of excuses for not writing the book that was a solemn promise back in 1979.

And in this contemplative thought, a seriously absurd notion:

What if you challenged yourself to a 100-day, self-imposed writer’s bootcamp? All you have to do is write one blog a day for each of your five websites.

It was so utterly impossible that the challenge actually felt insanely compelling and motivating. Could the impossible actually be possible?

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Speaking of being decisive

photo of jeff noel on stage at WordCamp Orlando 2012
thank God for WordPress (photo: Chuck the Pool Guy)


Speaking of being decisive, have spent the past four days reading, thinking, experimenting, and making decisions on Mid Life Celebration’s websites and blogs. The biggest changes are being implemented as I type this.

Ending the fourth year of building the business foundation, content and contacts.Now for some bricks and mortar, wallpaper, carpet, and a Paypal account.

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Bob Asked, Are You Still Writing Five Blogs Everyday?

jeff noel Midlife runner

jeff noel Midlife runner

jeff noel Midlife runner

My friend asked, “Are you still writing five blogs everyday?” We hadn’t seen each other in nearly a year. Others will ask, “Are you still running?”

No one ever asks me, “Are you still praying everyday?” It seems unnatural to have any answer other than yes.

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