If Disney Ran Your Life name origin

After 22 practice episodes over Season 1 and Season 2, we officially launched If Disney Ran Your Life from up on the observation deck, 7,000 miles from home.

If Disney Ran Your Life name origin.

It was a truly desperate effort to reach outsiders – global Disney Institute business professionals – because nothing i tried seemed to work for the masses. No one else on the Disney Institute team had solved for this and, weirdly, i was traveling a lonely path to figure this out.

A flash of insane creativity and risk-taking.

What if i applied world-class, time-tested Disney business principles to my personal life?

The biggest application came to personal health. The year (1999) i joined Disney Institute, a wake-up call in the form of a danger-zone cholesterol report rattled me to the core.

Long story longer, i began running 100 meters (the distance between neighborhood mailboxes) daily for a week. Second week, 200 meters daily. Third week 300 meters.

Ten years later, i represented the United States at the 2009 Masters Track & Field World Championships in Finland in the 50-54 age group at 400 meters.

While the application was a world class change to my personal life, never felt comfortable sharing the story in the Disney Institute classroom or on stage at a speech.

As the years went by, the name – If Disney Ran Your Life – became a thing that i knew had potential, partially inspired by Fred Lee’s book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9.5 things you’d do differently.

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The first three people you meet make a difference

An approaching storm packing 70-mph gusts quickly made the venue deserted…


Track and field venues

The first three people you meet make a difference:

  1. Meet Director, Mark Jones, personally ensured packet pickup
  2. Pat Dunigan, Dentist and M56 1500 runner, graciously offered to share dorm room
  3. Randy Sturgeon, National Masters News publisher, assured we wouldn’t be disqualified for missing our Declaration to race

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Insight: Good karma attracts good karma

jeff noel Aggressively Unfancy?

Is jeff noel aggressively unfancy?  Well, one thing for certain, I’m certainly not too funny when I blog.  But I sure do try to be aggressively unfancy.

And the concept of being unfancy is one most of us have never heard of. We have, but not in those exact words.

Aggressively unfancy means, to me, a person who is not focused on looking smart or sexy.  Sort of an ordinary person who deep down inside understands that they are blessed beyond measure simply by being alive.  And that that is more than enough.

Having a roof over your head, food on your plate, someone to love and someone to love you back.  Ya with me?  (this one’s for you MDJ)

Having a car that starts every time, someone in your life who is more important than you, a clean shirt and indoor plumbing – these things make us rich.  And potentially, aggressively unfancy. But certainly not funny.  Ya with me?  (this one’s for everyone)

How Many Posts?

Total posts?

Since March 2009, 1,152.  From five daily blogs, by the way.

Not bad for a guy who simply wants to “leave a trail” for his young (9 years old) son.

And, oh yeah, one other thing.  Not bad for a father that wants to help raise enough money until a cure is found for his son’s incurable disease.

Hopefully, you’ll never tire of hearing about this.  I don’t.  How could I?

World-Class Benchmarking

Benchmarking.  Seeing, not how others do things, but more importantly, seeing how others think.

I am a serious bench-marker.   Way more than the average bear.

There will come a time when my (five) blogs have more sophisticated features.  All good things take time.  Rome wasn’t built overnight.  I didn’t wake up one day and get to represent the United States at the WMA Master’s Track & Field World Championships.  It took a decade.

Anyway, this blog caught my eye because of Trent’s 14 Money Rules.  Click here to go to Trent’s blog.  Scroll down a bit, its on the right side column.

Money, like our mind, body and spirit, need constant attention, otherwise we will not reach our potential.