Thank you for being here

Orlando Nature preserve
Walked here this morning. Never gets old.

Thank you for being here. For reading every day.

If you die having five close friends all or most of your life, they will say you were a blessed human being.

If you are one of the many who come and go, my wish is you get more than you expected.

.think .differently

About everything.

Balance is not a myth.

Everything matters.

Nothing is optional.

Personal vibrancy is possible.

Follow my trail until you love to hike to impossible places.

Then, learn to hike on your own, on trails that will love you back, thin places and all.

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Dear everybody…

City at night from Delta Connection flight
Normally don’t fly at night. Oh well.


Dear readers, thank you for organizing your days around the opportunity to read these five blogs.

Dear passion, thank you for the desire to write them everyday.

Dear son, thank you for your bravery to live an honest life.

Dear Cheryl, the best is yet to come.

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PS. Greetings from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Thank you

White Lab on Orlando lakefront dock
Even Cooper is grateful for everything


If you have read all five Mid Life Celebration posts today, thank you.

If this is the only post of the five you read, thank you.

In everything give thanks.

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Thank You Readers & Followers

Dream Big. Get Started. Never Stop.
Dream Big. Get Started. Never Stop.

Thank you! Very simply, I’m deeply humbled by your visits.


Not sure exactly. Wasn’t prepared for the 50% website traffic increase in the past three weeks.

When a business is achieving double-digit growth, especially in a highly competitive market, and in today’s brutal economy, to spike like this in such a short period feels surreal.