What to do when work starts piling up and control seems to be evaporating

Orlando homeowner landscaping project - February 20, 2013
Orlando homeowner landscaping project – February 20, 2013


What can we do when work starts piling up and control seems to be evaporating? Three choices:

  1. Figure it out and do it yourself
  2. Figure it out and hire someone
  3. Figure it out and don’t worry about not getting it done

Life is simple. Simple doesn’t mean easy. Figure it out. No one will do this for us because we’re adults.

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How Difficult Would Your Life Get Without Running Water? And How Long Would That Take? (Water, Well)

We put out cold drinks on that hot day they replaced our pressure tank.

Hard to imagine life without water. In fact, we can’t. Not even possible. Many of us dream of country living. Some even do it. And this requires a well.

We’ve use Dodge Well Drilling for 20 years. Jim Dodge: 352-636-5805 & Charlie Dodge: 407-299-8090 are well experts and very responsive.

(I know 99.9% of you don’t need a well driller. But you know the real, invisible, point to this post, right?)

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Do You Promise To Tell The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth? (Attorney)

What if life goes from this….

To this?

Most people never need an attorney. Our legal decisions never get too complicated. But what if they do?

Attorneys are busy people and everyone wants free advice (attorneys tire of this). There are many different types of attorneys. What’s your approach?

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Even Our Best Efforts Can Leave Us Vulnerable Sometimes (Lawn Mower Mechanic)

Had a great lawn mower mechanic in a neighbor that moved away. Then we bought a new brand of mower and they closed up the local repair shop. We are stuck if something breaks down.

Help! Anyone have a great referral?

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When You Have A Leak Of Any Sort, Who Ya Gonna Call? (Plumber)

Plumbing magically takes care of itself at Aventureland Veranda in Magic Kingdom. Before & after…

Rarely does anyone need a plumber, but when we do, it’s usually important. We are happy to know and trust Oscar Velazquez, the husband of our son’s first grade teacher. In Central Florida 407-562-7738.

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