Weekly update number 3 from Mid Life Celebration

Dear readers, confession time. I’ve developed a daily addiction to love of writing. Even without readers like yourselves, I’d write anyway. However, the fact that you visit makes everyday, well, Thanksgiving day. Thank you.

Can’t believe what started as a 100-day personal challenge to write in all five midlife celebration blogs (mind-body-spirit-work-home) every single day has continued now 44 months… 7,000 posts later.


jeff noel Almost Snorted Milk Out His Nose, Until The Long, Thunderous Standing Ovation

Yesterday’s photo of YMCA’s vision almost made jeff noel snort milk out his nose. But after that first obscure emotion, a new one emerged. An emotional feeling more like a long, thunderous, standing ovation.

Wipe obesity off the map? How dare someone shout such an impossible claim! Hell yeah!

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Sad That jeff noel Fails. Exciting That He Doesn’t Quit.

Really? Do They Really Think They Can Wipe Obesity Off The Map?

October and November (2011) should be the craziest and most interesting blogging months jeff noel has ever anticipated at Mid Life Celebration.

This month (September) has been a warmup. After 4,600 posts, jeff noel has his sights set on helping others in a different way. Same goal, unique approach.

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