jeff noel Knows

jeff noel knows.  No, seriously.

I know the reason why we get old.

“You don’t stop doing things because you get old.  You get old because you stop doing things.”Rosamonde Pilcher

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker.

Know what that means? Duh, right?  Public speaker who gets paid…blah, blah, blah.

It means there are people who’s job is to give speeches. Everyday.

In front of people.  Sometimes a dozen, or several dozen. Sometimes a thousand, or several thousand.

And some of them really try to be so good at what they do (same as a parent, nurse, chef, etc) that their speech may actually start to change the world.

You know how I know this?  I’m one of them.  Happy day.  Carpe diem.

What Makes Thursdays GREAT?


Seriously.  The fact that we woke up is a blessing beyond our comprehension.

The fact that I write five blogs every single day is another blessing that is hard to understand.

Having the privilege to physically be able to type, to mentally be able to think, to spiritually be inspired, and to financially be able to afford the tools.

That’s what makes Thursdays GREAT!

WOW.  I LOVE Thursdays!  Carpe diem.