God Is Everywhere

A Simple Bud Vase My Toronto Hotel Restaurant Table

God is present in the small flower in the bud vase on the hotel restaurant table. If we look close enough, and often enough, we find God everywhere.

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Little Moments Of Brilliance Happen In Our Lives All The Time, But We’re Usually Too Busy To Notice

People may wonder, or not, why I’ve written 5 daily blogs for 930+ consecutive days. Primarily, to leave a trail for our young son in case something bad ever happens to me. Secondarily, to help people think, smile and be grateful.

Every dream starts out in the wilderness and often, the path traveled is unpredictable. Just now, I discovered a heightened sense of why I blog:

I can not hide my love for God and Jesus. And at the risk of offending some people, I have a renewed spring in my step. After watching Nick Vujicic, how can we not?

Why It Works

Did You Check The Oil?
Did You Check The Oil?

Transforming oneself is an elusive goal.

Hell Heck, most people don’t even consider doing it. Well, most people do, until we realize how much it’s going to cost.

And it’s at this very moment when a 1971 Fram Oil Filter campaign slogan comes to mind, You can pay me now or pay me later.”

The reason getting started on your life changing transformation is so important is because, well, you simply have to start.

Then, the tricky part. The part most people can’t handle. Never stopping.

Bob Dylan, the folk-pop-rock icon of the 1960’s and 1970’s once said, “He who’s not busy being born, is busy dying.”

And the longer you wait, the more it costs.

Editor note:  These conversations are always to myself. If it strangely sounds like I’m talking to you, it’s merely a coincidence.