Evening News Dec 15, 1966

Close up of Mickey Mouse with a man next to him
We did not close Disneyland the day that Walt died because he always said the show must go on.

It would take more time than anybody has around the daily news shops to think of the right thing to say about Disney. He was an original. Not just an American original, but an original. Period. He was a happy accident, one of the happiest this century has experienced. And judging by the way it’s behaving, in spite of all Disney tried to tell it about laughter, love, children, puppies, and sunrises, the century hardly deserved him. He probably did more to heal – or at least soothe – troubled human spirits than all the psychiatrists in the world.

There can’t be many adults in the allegedly civilized parts of the globe who did not inhabit Disney’s mind and imagination for at least for a few hours and feel better for the visitation. It may be true, as somebody said, that while there is no highbrow in a lowbrow, there is some lowbrow in every highbrow. But what Disney seemed to know was that while there is very little grown-up in every child, there is a lot of child in every grown-up. To a child, this weary world is brand-new, gift wrapped. Disney tried to keep it that way for adults.

By the conventional wisdom, mighty mice, flying elephants, Snow White and Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy and Doc – all these were fantasy, escapism from reality. It’s a question of whether they are any less real, any more fantastic than intercontinental missiles, poisoned air, defoliated forests, and scrap iron on the moon. This is the age of fantasy, however you look at it, but Disney’s fantasy wasn’t lethal. People are saying we will never see his like again.

Eric Sevareid, December 15, 1966

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Walter Elias Disney signed personal check

Walt Disney signed check
At American Adventure merchandise shop yesterday.


As real as it gets, even though it’s an artifact.

Over the decades, Walt’s signature has been embellished from the real thing, but that’s what a marketing and/or public relations department does – tells the story in a more visually appealing way.


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Good Saturday morning, April 26th, from Disneyland in California

Disneyland Resort wifi
Notice the time of day in the upper right corner?


Notice the time in the upper right corner?

Seems early, yet it’s actually 6:03am at Walt Disney World (home).

Many say it’s crazy to stay on the home turf time zone when traveling.


Probably because that’s the Herd’s prevailing wisdom.

Walt Disney also faced prevailing business wisdom, yet he broke all the rules anyway.

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