Where Do You Store All Your Career Advice For Younger Generations (Kids, Relatives)

Mid Life Celebration’s founder, jeff noel, stores his career advice under this sewer hole.

Photo look familiar? At junglejeff.net, my blog about money (career) offers simple lessons & thoughts on how to be a good one at whatever you are.

Do you know the blog header image is a sewer hole cover from my hometown?

How often do you teach kids (or relatives if you have no kids) about business excellence?

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Did You Get Here Via jungle jeff?

Smile if you’ve just seen the back of this Halifax Seaport commercial hut 🙂

If you follow all 5 daily blogs jeff noel writes, you probably came from jungle jeff to get here.

Trying to be organized enough to accomplish whatever it is you want?

This very often means deliberately standing out.

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Blog Whisperer Update

Electrifying news?

There are rumors The Blog Whisperer will stop writing 5 daily blogs, 7 days a week – beginning April Fool’s Day.

After 2 solid years, and a failed book writing deal, The Blog Whisperer is moving forward on his own, taking needed, dedicated time.

Most of this story is at jungle jeff. This is sort of like a reality-show-blog. Can’t wait to see it unfold, one day at a time…Real life in real time.

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Daily Grind Is Wonderful

Better Get Used To The Daily Grind
Better Get Used To The Daily Grind

If you don’t get a handle on the day to day decisions and daily grind, your life will be miserable.

You know it.

I know it.

It’s called being organized.

Not everyone is, because it’s hard.

But it is not impossible.

You just have to work hard at it.

Every day.

Like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

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