First Christmas ever

Disney runner
Two days ago it was only 57 degrees. Cheryl laughed at how bundled up i was. i don’t own sweatpants by the way.


First Christmas ever where i’ve been ready before Christmas Day.

And not only ready for Christmas Day, but set well in advance.

This is transformational.


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Are you being tested in some extraordinary way?

Daisies as center piece
Trying to keep life as simple as a common daisy?


Are you being tested in some extraordinary way? Political unrest. Neglected physical health. Work demands. Home demands. Neglected spiritual convictions.

Oh, and Thanksgiving is two weeks away.

Ahhh, by the time we read this on February 25, 2014, all this stress and pressure will be a distant memory.


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Ready Set Go

Biggest “party day” of the year is when?

New Year’s Eve.

It transcends race, religion, gender, all of it. A world-wide celebration.

It’s also the biggest “drinking day” of the year. People who don’t drink, drink.

And people who do drink, really drink.  Ya with me?

I remember December 31, 2001 like it was yesterday.

Thanksgiving in July?

Thanksgiving in July?


Actually, what about Thanksgiving every single day?

I’m sitting here at the in-store McDonald’s at a local Central Florida Wal-Mart.  Getting new tires.

Here are a few things I’m thankful for:

  1. Working for The Walt Disney Company
  2. Actually, simply being employed
  3. Being healthy, as far as I know
  4. Actually, simply being alive
  5. Living in the United States
  6. Actually, simply living in a free & safe country
  7. Being married
  8. Actually, simply being loved and able to love
  9. Being a father
  10. Actually, simply having the privilege to nurture & teach a child

Well, this isn’t exactly the post I had in mind when I woke up this morning; however, it’s the post that my fingers type as I enjoy another vacation day, in the land of the free.

With Independence Day on Saturday, I guess my subconscious took over the typing controls.

I’m OK with today’s plan not working out.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

We should get Memorial Day out…

…out of our subconsciousness and into our consciousness.

At least for one day.  How hard can that be? 

Do you?  Will you?  Did you?  Pause for a few moments to remember why we hold this day as a National Holiday.

OK, so I cried.  Big deal.  You probably will too.

I wasn’t going to post here today.  But as I was searching for a You Tube video for, I found this inspirational one from Martina McBride – Anyway

 Follow your dreams.  Carpe diem,  jeff noel 🙂