USATF is organized to create happiness

Master track nationals 2015
Men’s 80-84


Master track nationals 2015
Getting race bibs and lane number assignments.


Masters track Nationals 2015
Declaration (check-in) and pre-event holding tent.


2015 Masters Track Nationals
jeff noel and Bobby DeSantis (and other M55 athletes) walking to starting line. Bobby took silver.


USATF is organized to create happiness. Nationals is a big meet. A lot of moving parts – like the human body.

It only takes one moving part to become injured (or disorganized) and the whole thing becomes a potential disaster.

It is an interesting analogy to contemplate.

Are all of our ‘life’ moving parts in good working order?

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Yep, five-a-day, even if it takes all day

Family in stand at Track Meet
Family surprised me by stopping by the meet (umbrella for shade)


Tent city lined the south and west sides of Lake Brantley High School  track stadium
Tent city lined the south and west sides of Lake Brantley High School track stadium


Bantom division runner holding ears for starter's pistol shot
Bantom division runner holding ears for starter’s pistol shot


Women's elite 400 meter runners
Women’s elite 400 meter runners


When we think of the promises we make to others and to ourselves, do we ever consider our list’s length?

We’re probably most successful if it’s a short list. Think about it.

Anyone have a promise to themselves that’s less than five years old?

For 40 months now you’ve had the opportunity to read five daily, differently-themed blogs about Life’s Big Choices.

The photos above are from today’s Track Meet.

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A Kindly, Generous Runner’s Angel Let Him On The Track. In Short, A Miracle

Amazing Happens
Baylor Track & Field and jeff noel's infamous Lane 8

The sense of accomplishment from practicing what he preaches, jeff noel left Baylor’s Hart-Patterson Track & Field Complex and stopped (how could he not) at Katie’s Frozen Custard.

Katie's Frozen Custard is famous because everyone passes it going to the (Track) Football Stadium.

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Yep, This Mid Life Celebration Blog Is About HQ, The Paperwork Of Life, And This Story Is Related

Famous Katie's Frozen Custard
Found it
Baylor's Hart-Patterson Track & Field Complex

As a world-class Master’s Track & Field 400 meter runner himself, jeff noel couldn’t fathom being on Baylor’s campus and not touching the track where four Olympic Gold medal 400 meter runners trained. On the other hand, noel had spent 10 hours traveling, was beat, and had an early call time the next morning…

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