Is 10,000 Twitter followers a milestone?

10,000 Twitter followers
sometimes, a fraction is all that’s needed to claim success


See the difference one small, insignificant person can do to an outcome?


10,000 Twitter followers
10,000 Twitter followers took years


Is 10,000 Twitter followers a milestone?

How can it not be.

Got there yesterday, November 26, 2012.

The Twitter Followers are even higher now.

This month I’m inviting the Mid Life Celebration community to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It couldn’t be easier to go from this HQ blog to the mental attitude blog , just click -> go to Next Blog


Prelude to social media change at Mid Life Celebration

life's gauges
look closely at the gauge… it’s time to clean the filter… (few things in life come with an accurate gauge)


Prelude to social media change at Mid Life Celebration. More is coming. Faster.

Change is always happening, usually too slow to perceive – take aging. We see it in others much quicker than we do in ourselves.

WordPress keeps pressing on. Thank goodness for determination. And change.

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Like Anything Else It Takes…

Social Media Is Changing The World (are you good at it?)
Social Media Is Changing The World (are you good at it?)

Like anything else, it takes several key factors to become proficient:

  • Commitment
  • Prioritization
  • Organization
  • Structure
  • Practice

The more you practice, generally speaking, the better you get at something. Driving, cooking, growing plants, juggling, archery, teaching, painting, social media.

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I’m Sorry

Yeah, Go Daddy!
Yeah, Go Daddy!

To all the people that are finally starting to chatter about social media in the workplace, I’m sorry for being so far ahead of you.

And then there are the ones who make me look like an amateur. I tip my hat to you.

Either way, there’s always a group that wins and a group that looses, and of course a group that’s clueless there was a competition.

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Inspiration From Email?

Pretty Flowers
Pretty Flowers

I’m “off” today and spending a little time on enhancing the whole social networking thing. Here’s a second jeff noel blog post for today, inspired by my reply to an email I received ten minutes ago:

Just this morning, when our son’s third-grade teacher asked me how I was doing and I said, “Excellent!”, I followed up with her, to be clear, by saying, “I have the weight of the world on my shoulders like everyone else, but I’m not going to let in interfere with my day.”

Pick any one my five daily blogs, read about 10-15 posts, and then tell me it can’t help you if you made reading it (them) the same habit I make writing it (them).

Or, you can do what you always do.

By the way, I have been involved in a career, with the same organization, for 26 years.  Did you catch that?  The same organization.

Seriously, you would think that blogging is my job.  It’s not.  It’s a newly (a year ago) discovered tool to help me become a world-class Dad.

Whatever you choose, may all the blessings and success you deserve, come your way.