Worked a 12-hour day on Ground Hog’s Day

self-talk wisdom
We should take serious note to the scripts we tell ourselves.
dreaming big dreams
Jody and i had a prolonged text conversation yesterday. Dreaming big is fun. The impact we can make on our planet is the gift we return to the gift giver of our lives. Note, GNP is Glacier National Park.

Worked a 12-hour day on Ground Hog’s Day, yesterday, a Saturday.


Because everything fell into place.


For starters, we had no Family plans. This is okay occasionally. 

It offers spontaneity. It can also serve as a catch-up day, if necessary – catching up on stuff that a busy and flexible schedule didn’t get completed Monday through Friday.

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Disney Marathon Weekend 2012

World Drive is the main street in our hometown, which hosts big time running events.

The Central Florida sun is just about to peek over the tree line in my neighborhood. This is the fifth and final blog I’ll write this morning. Outside temp is 49. Not a cloud in the sky. And as soon as this post is done, I’m out the door for a 5-miler.

Coming home from the Magic Kingdom yesterday, this photo reminded me of what an amazing hometown our Son gets to live in.

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Awesome Friday

It was an awesome Friday.  Don’t have time right now to tell the whole story, but for me to say it was awesome is pretty significant in my mind.

But then again, I’m thought of by many as “crazy”, the way many thought Walt Disney was “crazy”, or Barack Obama is crazy.

One of the things that was significant today was the tremendous validation for my efforts to make the world a better place.

What a blast. Making these jeff noel You Tube videos.  This one is border line blooper.  But then again, I had so much fun this morning at physical therapy – the reason I was at Florida Hospital Celebration Health – that I’m totally ok with it.

It beats not making these You Tube videos and wondering what it must take to do them.   Ya with me?

It’s Friday night as I post this.  Carpe PM, jeff noel  🙂