Two administrative duties for a great summer….

Yesterday was a great summer day at the beach…

beach life

Enjoying the early morning wild life…

beach water fowl

A fellow vacationer to the Island finding peace and tranquility in the early hour before sunrise…

swimming with sharks

Uh oh…

shark photos

Whew… just a dolphin…life is good…

swimming rules

Two administrative duties for a great summer….

  1. Embrace your special family summer traditions
  2. Find ways to “plus up” the experience

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The great Summer of 2012

will the summer of 2012 be by design or by default?

Summer was, hands down, my favorite season while growing up in south central Pennsylvania. Winters, my least favorite. Not a fan of cold or grey (skies). As events in our lives unfold, we discover things about ourselves that we may not have known, for decades. How is that possible? Easy. We slowly stop exploring.

I’m proposing, if only to myself, that the Summer of 2012 becomes our greatest Summer ever.

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PS. Finally figured out I’m solar powered – palm trees and sunshine make me smile.