I don’t want to push anyone who doesn’t want to be pushed.

And yet, there is a certain human instinct in all of us, I believe.  

In fact, there are actually a multitude of instinctual impulses, or desires, in our human brains.

The one I’m referring to now is the one that has to do with being pushed.

There are most likely exceptions, but I think that humans actually want someone to push them, to challenge them, to help them see things they can’t yet see, or do things they can’t yet do.


I know it may sound crazy, but deep down, I believe that you believe this too.

It’s for this reason that I’d like to steer you to Lane 8.org for today’s look at a subconscious yearning.

The stronger and faster a cave man was, the more likely he could find and subdue (kill) an edible animal.

This led to a meal, which lead to sustenance, which gave strength to survive another day in a harsh environment.

After telling you all that, may I please wish you a great weekend, full of whatever brings you peace, joy and love. 

But please, by all means, visit your grocery store to get you next meal.  🙂

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂