Day in and day out…

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Thank you Donna for remembering April Fools Day concludes year 9 and starts year 10.


Tax time
Note from yesterday’s income tax return meeting.


Day in and day out…

The paperwork of life.


You are the CEO of You, Inc.

Be decently organized if you want any hope of living in peace and contentment.


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April 3, 2014… still waiting for the first book royalties payment

Mid Life Celebration book
April 3, 2014.. still waiting for the first book royalties payment


Turning in 2013’s paperwork today for the annual April 15th tax return deadline.

Feels good being 12 days early.

However without the reality of an impending 21-day trip, it’s likely there may have been last minute panic.

Instead, there’s get it done early panic.

It’s all good though.

And it feels great.

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Top Three Reasons

Watching (not sure why) five minutes of ABC Evening News last night.  The story claimed there are 7 million more Americans at the poverty level than last estimated.


Apparently, it’s being fueled by unemployment.

I often question whether what I’m doing is the right thing.  Often wonder if this is the right time.

The answer?  There is no right time.  There is no guarantee of the right thing.

So what then?  Trust your intuition.  Which tells me to keep going.  Don’t give up.  Remember where you started and look at you now.  Imagine six more months from now.

Dude, you are going to make a difference.  You already are making a difference.  Yes, there are sacrifices.  Beats unemployment though, doesn’t it?

It’ll take all of us

Who said,  “We can.  We will.  If we all work together”.

Does it even matter?

The premise here, is that we can not solve our Nation’s challenges and rise to meet our glorious Nation’s enormous opportunities, without the help of everyone.

Take nature.  Look at an ant colony.  Is there a single, solitary ant that doesn’t have a purpose?

I’m neither a scientist nor a genius.  But I am observant.

In those three short sentences were the nine words, of the 2,401 President Barack Obama spoke at his inauguration, that really inspired me.

I won’t expect anyone else to be perfect until I become perfect myself.    Ya with me?

Please don’t expect others, Washington DC, or anything, to be perfect.  If you can’t do it, how can you expect someone else to?

Wow.  I don’t know what got into me today.  I do know, however that  whatever it was, I’m sure it wasn’t perfect.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂