Dear Son, short and pithy is a key, repeatable message point

Card Tournament
Yesterday, a Sunday, we committed from 12pm – 6pm, including travel time, like we do every Sunday.


Card Tournament
Often, i bring work to do, even on a Sunday.


Dear Son, short and pithy is a key, repeatable message point. Even having a “guiding light” mantra, you may still struggle with it’s essence. Remember, luck and karma are not the same.




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Reading between the lines often yields the key unspoken messages

airport customs
Had a longer than usual layover…customs was a breeze this time
differently abled
he was traveling with two others with similar chairs

Not sure everyone reads the photo captions on these blogs. Significant thought goes into making the caption(s) thought-provoking. People are busy and distracted (squirrel). Yesterday’s message was in the captions.

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Reach Relevance Impact

Reach.  Relevance.  Impact.

Just before the entire Columbia, South Carolina airport power went out, I was filming a one-take-You Tube video of another airport hallway billboard sign.

Had the power not gone off, I would have finished the one-take-You Tube video with, “What I am trying to do is expand my reach, relevance and impact.”

I mean, who doesn’t want to do that?

Or maybe, it’s just crazy talk, or inappropriate, to think that one person might start something that could help make the world a better place.