In Trying To Be A Beacon For A Young Boy, A Nervous Father Carved Out Something More

In trying to be a beacon for a young boy, a nervous father carved out something more.

Life’s “directional code” is made up of five big choices.

Thank you again for following these five Mid Life Celebration, LLC blogs. Here’s to the best Summer of our entire lives, no matter the obstacles. Okay?

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Why Don’t You Stop Writing Five Blogs A Day And Focus On The Book?

Know what this photo represents? What it reminds us of?

Take another, closer look. Don’t burn your retinas.

It’s a picture of all the people on the Internet who write five daily, differently-themed blogs on Life’s Big Choices. All the missionaries who offer those blogs for free, simply to do work that matters.

What’s that worth, to be able to say you’re the only one on the Internet?

Classic example of success being a blessing and a curse.

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Nurturing More Than Just Being Organized, The Paperwork Of Life

The other day, I decided to not eat in the car, and went inside.

Wish I could explain how my brain works. Epic mystery.

1st thought: Chick-fil-A is brilliant – nurturing more than just appetites.

2nd thought: Mid Life Celebration – nurturing more than just common knowledge.

Common knowledge is worthless without it’s secret weapon. Guess?

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A Reader Said, I Don’t Know How You Do It

Hard work always shows up on the list of answers when people ask, “How do you do it”?

But what rarely gets identified (which is why God put me here) is the real secret to achieving our dreams.

Mid Life Celebration takes a ton of photos, by design.

This photo has purpose. Which is why I took it 8 days ago at Epcot. It helps us get closer to the right questions.

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How Do You Organize A Goo-Gillion Photos?

The same way you do everything else, very carefully.

Mid Life Celebration uses Apple’s iPhoto ’11, iDisk, and Mobile Me.

For PC users this simply means there’s a multi-level approach to automate the dissemination, storage and retrieval of 1,000’s of pictures.

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