When I Say Real Life In Real…

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“Real life in real time”. Ever wondered what that really means? As I type these words, it’s 6:57AM in Orlando, Florida. Heading out the door in a few minutes for my “real job”.

And it means this is the fifth and final daily blog I wrote this morning. Five-a-day for 21 straight months. Walking the talk…

There’s a way to make a difference that isn’t confined to the corporate environment. But you must invest your life and time to make it work – real life in real time.

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How Was June?


Man, June was great!

It’s like a 30-day opportunity to enjoy life, work hard, and make a difference.

The really challenging part is handling all the administrative stuff that comes with life. The day to day junk that has to get done, because it ain’t gonna get done by itself.

Some months are drought, some flood, some feast, some famine.

Now that June’s done, strap in and enjoy the ride we call July.

You Are Going To Have To Choose

It Will Never Be Easy
It Will Never Be Easy

If you want to do great work, work that matters and makes a positive difference, work that multiplies and spreads, you are going to have to choose.

Do you ever think like this?

Do you want to make a difference, but find it challenging to get started? Have you gotten started, but find the path difficult?

This is why you are going to have to choose.

Skip Knew What He Was Doing

Visionary Tool?
Visionary Tool?

After all, Skip is a Marine. ¬†And, he’s been a friend, for like 30 years. We roomed together for a year while in college.

If you read yesterday’s comment, Skip accomplished his “mission”. I knew he was baiting me, but couldn’t resist his bait.

And if you read my reply to his comment, you would have discovered that what I’ve shared so far is literally just the tip of the iceberg. The vision for how these five blogs can make a significant impact on humanity will blow your mind.

It will be revealed as time passes. While the audience is our son (9), everyone who has a desire to do good and decent work is invited. Most likely, if you visit here regularly, you also have a desire to be a better person, and you also dream crazy impossible dreams.