Rushing to stay organized…

And if there’s a few extra minutes, button up a yard project to avoid erosion while gone…

yard work

Rushing to stay organized…

  • hear alarm clock
  • pray
  • wake up…reading, check work stuff
  • write five blog posts
  • go for a run
  • check work stuff
  • breakfast with family
  • mow back yard
  • check work stuff
  • clean up
  • drive to airport
  • travel all day
  • check work stuff
  • av check at hotel
  • dinner somewhere (doubtful there’s room service)
  • check work stuff
  • call home
  • sleep

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Reading between the lines often yields the key unspoken messages

airport customs
Had a longer than usual layover…customs was a breeze this time
differently abled
he was traveling with two others with similar chairs

Not sure everyone reads the photo captions on these blogs. Significant thought goes into making the caption(s) thought-provoking. People are busy and distracted (squirrel). Yesterday’s message was in the captions.

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Balance Is My Friend, Even With Restaurant Choices

Balance is my friend with exercise too. Some days you get to, some days you don’t.

Please don’t get me wrong, on this week’s trip to Greensboro, North Carolina, I ate at MacDonald’s three times. Not proud of that, but it happened. Eating healthy as a road warrior is a balancing act of time, energy, price, convenience.

PS. I sincerely hope the common sense insights these small examples reveal aren’t invisible to you. Every single day is a constant struggle for me to make more good choices than not good. You get this, right?

I guarantee you struggle with this too. Or is it, “Denial, party of one, right this way please”. Peace. 🙂

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Eating Healthy Meals While Traveling Takes Focus

My Greensboro, North Carolina hotel room is the one with the light on (upper right).
This is where I ate three healthy dinners and one healthy lunch.
This is how close it was.

Focused and disciplined people make common sense look easy. We all know if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Eating healthy while traveling is common sense. But it ain’t easy.

It’s also not impossible. Especially when the service is fast and friendly. Especially when the menu is varied, tasty and reasonably priced, say, like a certain Greensboro, North Carolina Ruby Tuesday.

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