Great Conversation?

What makes a conversation great?  Obviously, it depends.

Yesterday, had a great conversation with a very special and  very gifted person.  A person who is both mentor and mentee.  A mutual admiration and respect, so to speak.

In asking him if I am:

  • Too pushy
  • Perfectly pushy
  • Not pushy enough

He said, “Not pushy enough”.  Hmmmm……

This website is what I refer to as “the warehouse”.  A sort of Internet storefront.  It does not have one particular theme or focus like the other four:

  1. MIND:
  2. BODY:
  3. SPIRIT:
  4. MONEY:

Five per day.  Every day.  Excessive?  No one will label me lazy, that’s for sure.

Would it be considered too pushy or just right, if I said anyone who doesn’t have a blog is lazy? You have a cell phone, a computer and an Internet connection, right? 🙂

By jeff noel

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