CMA on ABC last night. CMA Music Festival was broadcast on ABC television last night.  I didn’t watch it.  Too busy.

However, coincidentally, I got out my old portable CD player to listen to one of my favorite country songs, “Big Time Dreamer” from Ty Hearndon’s 1998 “Big Hopes” CD.

My son asked if he could listen to a song.  Talk about timing!  Here’s the chorus:

“I’m the son of a big time dreamer that’s where I get my dreamin from. Daddy was a firm believer in the power of love”.

And if that weren’t enough, he listened to one more, “Tears In God’s Eyes“.

It’s obvious that most are  insanely busy, with little time to read and view everything posted here.  But try to imagine this.  Not only do I read it and view it, but also research, think and post it.

Five blogs per day, everyday.  I could never expect you to keep up with it all, unless I was a big time dreamer.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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