Freedom Isn’t Free, Ask Eric

Freedom isn’t free.  Just ask Eric, 35, father of two young daughters and protector of Freedom.

Yesterday, Eric had the window seat and I had the aisle. In between us, a man headed back home to Vietnam.

Eric’s headed back to his second tour in Afghanistan. He’s a police trainer. And for a little while, he was home on leave, in Central Florida with his family.

I mentioned that my Dad served in Japan during the Korean war and my Father-In-Law in Eurpore during WWII.

Then thanked him for what he does. He was more grateful than I thought.

After we went our separate ways, I noticed the gift shop newspaper rack:

Godspeed Eric
Godspeed Eric

The caption:  Afghan Police rush to the scene of a car bomb attack on a NATO convoy that killed eight and wounded at least 50.  A Taliban official vowed to strike polling stations in Thursday’s Presidential vote.

Today is our son’s school’s open house.  I almost started to feel sad that I won’t be there, because I’m in Chicago on business.  How pathetic am I?

Thank you Eric.  And thank you to all who serve our country, and all countries focused on peaceful living.

By jeff noel

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