First day of Spring and the pool is open for business

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Yesterday, the first day of Spring 2015, the pool temp reached 87.

While not comfortable enough to relax in, it was warm enough to wade in and appreciate that we are only weeks away from “Summer”, Florida-style.

So much work behind the scenes to make it look effortless.

And so it goes. Day after day.

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There’s Also Spring Cleaning

Yesterday Spring arrived around the world. In addition to what we’ve been talking about this week, there’s also the notion of annual Spring cleaning. Good luck with that.

Insight: Taking the easy way out is not a permanent solution. Attics and basements are a luxury in Florida. We have no hidden junkyard to take the easy way out.

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Getting Organized

Life is so darn challenging sometimes. Actually, it’s more like a daily conflict.

So many things competing for our time and attention. Who’s got time to slow down and think. You?

It’s the insidious time-starved epidemic of Western Civilization. And it’s impacted me too. When March arrives tomorrow, I’ll have been planning a bold move for some time.

Spring has sprung…

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Happy Spring

Yesterday, March 21, marked the first official day of Spring.

For most people it came and went, just like every other day.

Here are a few photos from yesterday, as we consciously embraced the subtle change.


Finally.  I’ve gotten to the fifth of five blogs this morning.  Having some challenges revving up the writing engine.

This rarely happens.  I knew it would come.  Just didn’t know when.  It took longer than expected.  Good thing, I suppose.

Big questions though:

  • “How long will it last”?
  • “When will it return”?

No worries however.  Just gonna plow through it and try not to worry about it.  It’s a natural part of the “writer’s cycle” – sort of like the seasons on Earth.  Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Each season has a purpose.  Each one ends and another begins.  It’s natural. It’s okay. Carpe diem everyone.