The art of overcoming our blind spots

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The art of overcoming our blind spots.

  • admit we have them
  • admit we are oblivious to them
  • study what we see in others
  • what we see in others contains our strengths and opportunities
  • use our observations to get to the truth
  • forgive others for not telling us
  • forgive ourselves for not telling others

Go on about our day applying what we’ve learned.

All day.


Peace and blessings immeasurable to you.

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The day our music died…

personal journaling
personal journaling is the best tool for self awareness


The day our music died… on a brisk morning run 30 minutes ago, it hit me… what if I quit blogging and you came here only to find the daily blogging had stopped.


This month I’m inviting the Mid Life Celebration community to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It couldn’t be easier to go from this HQ blog to the mental attitude blog , just click -> go to Next Blog


Obvious Choice

Sanibel Island 2009
Sanibel Island 2009

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”Life Is Good slogan

I used to look for sea shells on Sanibel Island, Florida.  You know the ones – the perfect shape and color.  The ones that looked like they came from the sea shell store.

Not any more.

Now, I look for ones that are unique and special – broken and beautiful.

Just like us humans.

Broken and beautiful.

Like Tiger Woods.

Like me.

Like you.

Bring It On

Today.  This morning.  Right now.  Bring it on.

What does that mean? Who am I talking to?

First and foremost, I’m talking to myself.  Journaling is a world-class way to self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the most important step towards self-improvement.

My (life) pace does not lend itself to either.

Which is why I write five blogs every day.

What was once impossible, is now business as usual.