This is why giving up was invented

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When our dreams come crashing down because it’s too much work, what then?


Making great plans and doing them the way we dreamed are two different scenarios.

And the bigger the plans, the greater the disproportionate effort required to make them happen.

This is why giving up was invented.

A fail safe way to avoid insanity.

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Don’t give up (ever) (ever, ever)

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What was once revolutionary and remarkable no longer is, because people refused to quit.


Don’t give up (ever) (ever, ever).

No, seriously.

Sounds elementary, and yet it’s life’s absolute biggest challenge.

Knowing the enemy’s face works in our favor.

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The day our music died…

personal journaling
personal journaling is the best tool for self awareness


The day our music died… on a brisk morning run 30 minutes ago, it hit me… what if I quit blogging and you came here only to find the daily blogging had stopped.


This month I’m inviting the Mid Life Celebration community to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. It couldn’t be easier to go from this HQ blog to the mental attitude blog , just click -> go to Next Blog