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The best parts of proactive change are:

  • Change becomes a habit
  • Locates untapped creativity
  • Reduces fear
  • Ensures success
  • Won’t accept failure as an option
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Feeds positively on itself
  • Makes you an expert

There are those that don’t or won’t change. They line the halls with their critical gossip. They know neither the agony of defeat, nor the joy of success.

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Jeff Noll Top 8 List

Jeff Noll Top 10 list:

  1. I write 5 daily blogs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  2. Each blog takes less than 20 seconds to read
  3. Every post has a quick link to the next daily blog post
  4. All photos come from my pocket Sony camera
  5. Not trying to sell you something
  6. I have a real job, separate from these blogs
  7. I’ve given speeches to a half-million people+-
  8. I know what a Puffle is

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Couldn’t Take It Anymore

I tried, but just couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t stand the way the 5 Mid Life Celebration Blogs look without photos. This whole blogging ahead of time is for the birds too.

All jeff noel blogs are made from scratch, 365 days a year. Every photo/image comes from my personal camera. It’s just what I do. No one else does it. That’s why I have to go back.

Moving forward with a childhood dream, your help in Liking Mid Life Celebration’s Facebook Fan Page would be considered a favor.

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Mid Life Celebration Idea

Being organized is key to greater happiness, better results, and just makes sense. And revolves around simplicity, process, priorities and decisiveness.

The Mid Life Celebration idea for March is to write radically different, freeing up time to prepare for April’s push.

The Blog Whisperer has written 155 blog posts over two weekends, instead of over 31 days.

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