Mid Life Celebration Idea

Being organized is key to greater happiness, better results, and just makes sense. And revolves around simplicity, process, priorities and decisiveness.

The Mid Life Celebration idea for March is to write radically different, freeing up time to prepare for April’s push.

The Blog Whisperer has written 155 blog posts over two weekends, instead of over 31 days.

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When I Say Real Life In Real…

The Internet's Only Five-a-Day Blogger

“Real life in real time”. Ever wondered what that really means? As I type these words, it’s 6:57AM in Orlando, Florida. Heading out the door in a few minutes for my “real job”.

And it means this is the fifth and final daily blog I wrote this morning. Five-a-day for 21 straight months. Walking the talk…

There’s a way to make a difference that isn’t confined to the corporate environment. But you must invest your life and time to make it work – real life in real time.

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Real Life, In Real Time

Tomorrow, Next Year, No Guarantee
Tomorrow, Next Year, No Guarantee

Real life, in real time, copied word for word, just as Skip wrote it yesterday in the comments. These are exactly the reasons why we should seize the day. Here’s Skip:

Because you may not get the chance tomorrow.

Between Christmas and New Year of last year a good friend of mine (49 years old) experienced an Aortic Di-section (rare…aorta just splits open). Lucky for him people with him noticed immediately and got him medical attention which ultimately saved his life. My friend turned 50 in January and has a new outlook on life (he refocused) and his family.

His family also realizes that time is short and they need to pay attention to what really matters.

Two weeks ago on a Monday my friend’s wife found out she had a rare virus that attacks the heart. She passed away 3 days later.

They thought they had had their scare and were refocusing for the rest of thier lives only to have a second tragic reminder.

Please take the below comment seriously.

Because you may not get the chance tomorrow

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