Quietly, Patiently In The Background, jeff noel Is Working Hard To Bring You More Good Things

Acadia University, Nova Scotia 2011

Since 2009, jeff noel’s best work has been given away for free, while jeff works quietly, patiently and carefully to bring you more good things.

The value proposition is to give so much away for free that when the season comes, the business would be just that, a business. With more than just expenses. Something called income.

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September Of My Years?

The more things change, the more they stay the same

September of my years? Maybe. Probably. If history repeats itself, then early winter. But who says we can’t tempt fate? jeff noel submits that this September is the change of season that Mid Life Celebration, LLC has long awaited.

Frank Sintra’s song by the same name, is a sure sign that time marches on. And progress never sleeps.

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Midlife Celebration Is A Website, Blog & Baby Boomer Think Tank by jeff noel

This Guy Looks To Be Contemplating a Midlife Crisis or a Midlife Celebration

Midlife Celebration is a website, Baby Boomer blog, and midlife think tank. Founder jeff noel is driven to help others think, smile and be grateful. And by driven, think in terms of the passion Walt Disney harnessed to innovate cartoons.

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More Like 180 Degrees From Ordinary

Indianapolis 2010. No idea what this means….

But it made me smile really big. In fact, about 180 degrees big. Yeah, jeff noel is 180 degrees from ordinary. We all are, aren’t we?

Have I mentioned yet that starting a publishing company crossed my mind earlier this month? Are you still dreaming crazy dreams? The ones 180 degrees from ordinary?

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