Baylor University Is Famous For Many Things, Including Michael Johnson, A Game Changer

Baylor is famous for many things, including Michael Johnson
There is no track & field complex on Baylor's main campus (what the heck)

jeff noel studied the Baylor University campus map, rubbed his eyes, looked again and mumbled softly, “Where the heck is the track?”

Spotting a couple students shooting hoops, noel soon got directions. I-35 South, right on Valley Mills, another right at Katie’s Frozen Custard, it’ll be on that road, can’t miss it.

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Imagine Turning A Switch In Your House And Nothing Happens (Electrician)

Colin Harden is our Electrician and has been for years. His Father is our neighbor, a retired Electrical Company Owner and United States Marine who served proudly in Vietnam.  407-259-1746 Colin will bend over backwards to help you.

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Whoa There, One More Thing, Please Don’t Think I Don’t Know That Life Is Crazy And All This Looks Good On Paper (Perseverance)

Whoa, hold on cowboy! You don’t think I get it? Life is insanely busy. Full of great blessings, but equally full of hardship, overwhelming commitments, yada, yada.

And this is exactly why July’s message, while tedious, is really the glue that holds the whole thing together.

(btw, the weight of the world often feels unbearable where I live)

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