Is 1,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes a milestone?

Internet reality
An Apple a day makes the world smaller, prettier, and cooler


Is 1,000 Facebook Fan Page Likes a milestone? Mid Life Celebration is nearing 1,000 Likes on it’s Facebook fan page.

You know as well as anyone, the Earth is hot, flat, and crowded. It’s challenging to reach milestones like this.

Motivation is like a fire, remember?

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The Final Week Of 2011 Will Influence The First Week Of 2012

Birds of a feather, flock together. Same with Baby Boomers.
Florida Sandhill Cranes are a threatened species, but plentiful in the neighbor's yard.

Wild animals don’t need much internal motivation to thrive. Each day’s meal, and the watchful eye for predators, leads to another day of the same. The payoff? Mating season and the chance to reproduce – the common purpose of every living thing.

But humans are a different animal. We think tomorrow is guaranteed. We get satisfied, then complacent, and finally decline. The shift from one to the other is slow, yet fast, quiet yet obnoxious. Uncertain yet guaranteed.

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In My Line Of Work, I Seem To See A Lot More Than Most

Smaller Towns Have Airports Where The Plane Pulls Right Up To The Terminal
Professional Speakers Mostly Travel For A Living

Chicago’s O’Hare, Atlanta’s Hartsfield, LAX, JFK, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit, DC and the list goes on for professional speakers. Traveling comes with the territory.

In an effort to share more than most, a business traveler gets to see a lot more than most. What for some is a grind, for others is the world’s classroom.

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