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Even something as ‘ordinary’ as hopscotch…

What do I always say? If you want to stand out in a sea of ‘the same’, do your thing differently, better, or both, than the same.

No brainer, but massive commitment and effort. And sometimes, without much effort.

Thins out the ‘the same’ at lightspeed.

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When You’re Organized

When you’re organized and plan ahead, if you’re lucky, you get do do some things you didn’t have time, or presence of mind, to do before.

Writing 155 March Blog Posts has been an awakening to several things:

  • Relentless commitment to post 5 daily blogs
  • Restless commitment to make a difference
  • Acute appreciation of my own effort
  • The thrill of radical change
  • The thought of turning a corner

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Blog Whisperer Update

Electrifying news?

There are rumors The Blog Whisperer will stop writing 5 daily blogs, 7 days a week – beginning April Fool’s Day.

After 2 solid years, and a failed book writing deal, The Blog Whisperer is moving forward on his own, taking needed, dedicated time.

Most of this story is at jungle jeff. This is sort of like a reality-show-blog. Can’t wait to see it unfold, one day at a time…Real life in real time.

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Self-Fulfilling For jeff noll?

What? jeff noll? Just an SEO experiment in progress. Did the same thing with jeffrey noel and rose up to Google search’s front page, without having any jeffreynoel domain names.

Silly? Maybe. Self-absorbed? Not for a second. It’s called Marketing on a bootstrapped budget. Oh, and something about raising money until a cure is found…

Anyway, do any of you have examples of how your hard work, your experimentation has paid off?

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