Draw Mickey Mouse

Uber reservation screen shot
Love the enhancement to schedule Uber rides. And to know in advance the cost.

For this trip, brought copies of the Mickey Mouse i drew on my first day in Disney Traditions.

Still have the original drawing from January 25, 1982.

There was an intentional point to sharing the drawing.


Next time you see me, ask.

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Ended it where it began

Yesterday i ended where i began – sitting on the bench outside the High School office overlooking the courtyard.
“My bench” as i affectionally named it freshman year (2015).

Yesterday, ended it where it began.

The first month of our Son’s High School freshman year something happened.

He (we) found himself with the discovery that making friends with people you didn’t grow up with was harder than it looked.

One of the things i did was arrive 30-60 minutes earlier than our scheduled daily pickup time.

i’d sit outside the High School counselor’s office and watch the world go by.

It was an attempt to familiarize myself with the “landscape” of after-school karma.

In hindsight, my new business (post Disney career) was slow and i had discretionary time.

Bottom line, the time on that bench was valuable because i met many teachers and staff and built relationships with them, becoming an after school fixture, a familiar face, an involved (concerned) parent.

One of the best investments a parent could ever make.

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Habits define us

West Orange High School Administration office
An afterthought two days ago to capture real life in real time.


Habits define us.

The first two days of High School have netted the 11-year tradition of a father-son hug in the school parking lot.

Was not sure about High School.

Glad it is continuing.

Potentially to continue as a 14-year habit tradition in his Senior year.


Double-edged sword as it were.

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Haven’t been on a plane in seven weeks

Orlando WordPress Meetup at Canvs downtown


(photo: Downtown Orlando yesterday at Canvs.)

The message here is simple. Live like you mean it. Even when surrounded by an ordinary life filled with ordinary days.

Haven’t been on a plane in seven weeks. Normally in seven weeks, would have been on a plane between four to six of them.

Since retiring six weeks ago, Jack the Bear – who went on every Disney Institute trip – hasn’t been out much.

Just because we are local now, doesn’t mean we should just sit around.

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Traditions are a healthy and creative way to stay organized

Florida family enjoying backyard pool
Central Florida swim season starts on the vernal equinox


Traditions are a healthy and creative way to stay organized.

And here’s to the crazy ones, the rule breakers, the obnoxious ones.

First day of Spring is the new first-day-of-swim-season tradition.

We help you think differently by showing you how it works for us.

And we all desire the same basic things.

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