A Kindly, Generous Runner’s Angel Let Him On The Track. In Short, A Miracle

Amazing Happens
Baylor Track & Field and jeff noel's infamous Lane 8

The sense of accomplishment from practicing what he preaches, jeff noel left Baylor’s Hart-Patterson Track & Field Complex and stopped (how could he not) at Katie’s Frozen Custard.

Katie's Frozen Custard is famous because everyone passes it going to the (Track) Football Stadium.

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Yep, This Mid Life Celebration Blog Is About HQ, The Paperwork Of Life, And This Story Is Related

Famous Katie's Frozen Custard
Found it
Baylor's Hart-Patterson Track & Field Complex

As a world-class Master’s Track & Field 400 meter runner himself, jeff noel couldn’t fathom being on Baylor’s campus and not touching the track where four Olympic Gold medal 400 meter runners trained. On the other hand, noel had spent 10 hours traveling, was beat, and had an early call time the next morning…

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Baylor University Is Famous For Many Things, Including Michael Johnson, A Game Changer

Baylor is famous for many things, including Michael Johnson
There is no track & field complex on Baylor's main campus (what the heck)

jeff noel studied the Baylor University campus map, rubbed his eyes, looked again and mumbled softly, “Where the heck is the track?”

Spotting a couple students shooting hoops, noel soon got directions. I-35 South, right on Valley Mills, another right at Katie’s Frozen Custard, it’ll be on that road, can’t miss it.

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Midlife Celebration’s Founder, jeff noel, Says Midlife Is About An Attitude Of Gratitude

Midlife Celebration's jeff noel on a morning jog at Baylor University
Midlife Celebration is an attitude of gratitude

Happy December from all of us at Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Founder jeff noel is a road warrior as a motivational speaker, wellness and work life balance expert. Recently, at Baylor University, there were impressional images both high and low. Baby Boomers, let’s keep our hearts open for our second chance to reThink, rePrioritize and reCommit.

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