As low as $21

personal checkbook
Personal checkbook starting the week we arrived in Florida. We deposited (top line) all the money we (combined) had from the Washington State University credit union (Cheryl was an employee at WSU)…$1398.33. 10 days later we had $410.13 to our name (bottom right).


personal checkbook
One year later (August 30, 1985) we had $639.23 to our name.


personal checkbook
Three years after arriving to Orlando our (bottom right) balance is $21.23.


personal checkbook
Our five-year Orlando-arrival anniversary has us at $71.08.


Our checkbook balance was as low as $21 during our first five years at Disney.

And even at the five-year mark, we are at $71.

It was helpful for Chapin to see (last night) where we started because he’s never seen us struggle financially.

Truth is, we struggled the first 25 years of our (currently) 35-year marriage.



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I Am Helpful

A cowboy mic helps everyone.

I am helpful, cooperative and supportive. I believe it is better to give than to receive, even if it doesn’t seem so. We are here to serve and not be served. Chapin, your middle name captures this spirit.

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Simple Is As Simple Does

Are You Paying Attention?
Are You Paying Attention?

Simple is elusive.

Focus is elusive.

Determination is elusive.

Humility is elusive.

Unless your life purpose is clear.

Reading yesterday’s post had me question my humility.  You read it and you saw “I did”.

The thing you should understand (in case you don’t) is that there are many people who can tell you what should be done and why, but they themselves can not – not nearly to the extent they preach.

It seemed to me, there was an opportunity for a common man (perhaps a Father) to step up and try it differently.

jeff noel Five A Day

We are never so poor we don’t have something to give.

We are never so rich we don’t have something to receive.

Ever thought about that?

For me, not too much, until our Priest shared it on Sunday. But I wrote it down, it was that powerful, in that moment.

Later, it hit me. It reminds me of who we are as human beings.

And then, humbly, it helped me process why writing five-a-day daily blogs is now an important part of my life.

Are you doing all you can?