Blog Topic List Ideas (from 2009)

Irish Setter in garage
Rudy lives nearby. He doesn’t have a fenced-in yard. Nor is there an invisible fence. Rudy runs the neighborhood. i like Rudy. This happened last night, November 27, 2017.


Wrote this draft eight years ago, about eight months into five-a-day blogging.

It occurred to me if i was to shoot for a full year of writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts, i would need to find creative ways to have something to write about. Here it is, unedited, from December 29, 2009…

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Blog Topic Ideas – create lists:

  • Favorites, Best of, Least Favorites
  • Quotes
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Places
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Prayers
  • Values
  • Most Embarrassing
  • Most Inspiring
  • Biggest Hypocrite
  • Best Role Models
  • Leaders
  • Best Customer Service
  • Worst Customer Service
  • Music
  • Art
  • History
  • Nature
  • Vacations
  • Friends
  • Lessons Learned
  • Exercise Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Study Tips
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Social Media

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Five-a-Day Blogger jeffrey noel

Life’s greatest survival tactic…

In a week or so since initiating an SEO experiment, went from zero Google Front Page results to four, when searching for ‘jeffrey noel’.

Am also seeing ‘The Blog Whisperer’ and ‘Wellness Challenge’ rising in Google page rank.

Yesterday a friend commented that he doesn’t get any hits on his website. Why would he?He doesn’t work at it. The truth hurts. And it can also set you free.

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Longfellow Quote

Is More Better?
Is More Better?

“Give what you have.  To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This Longfellow quote came to me in a most unusual way. A piece of mail from Senior’s First, a Central Florida charity to help seniors who can not help themselves.

But what is so powerful is recently, I was talking to someone about what happened on Christmas day, while we where doing our 11th annual Christmas day tradition – delivering Food for Families.

The month before doing the same thing on Thanksgiving day, we had a van full of food, and got lost, spending several hours making deliveries.

But on Christmas morning, as we pulled away from Ocoee High School, Cheryl said all the deliveries were on the same street.  We found the street in about 15 minutes, delivered the food and were done.

Cheryl asked if we should go back and do more.

And I said, “No. We shouldn’t let the amount of time determine the value of our efforts. We should feel good about what we did to help.”

And so it goes, the constant battle to listen to society’s stereotypes and what’s in our hearts.

Strength Is Your Responsibility

100 Years Old
100 Years Old

“Strength is something you forge from within.”Eugenia ‘Jean’ Finnegan Biden

Watching (not really, more like listening) ABC Evening News a few weeks ago, Vice President Joe Biden spoke of fond memories and important lessons he learned from his mother.

She had died the day before.

Of all the things Vice President Joe Biden said, it’s his mother’s advice at the top here, that resonated the most.


Personal responsibility is really the key to success.  I’ve known this all my life and you have too.

Having a ten year plan has really helped me see what’s still possible, but not guaranteed.

Not six months.  Ten years.

PS. This is the first dupe post.  By accident. Seems it posted January 9 at Lane 8, but for some reason it also sat in   It is a major rule to not recycle content here.  I’m gonna let this one ride though.

Why?  Because one dupe post ain’t gonna end the world.  Besides, the endings are different, unbeknownst to me.