Writing posts everyday will make you a more focused person

You start out with zero Twitter followers. You get to 10,000+ only one way…

focus and discipline

Writing posts everyday will make you a more focused person. The same way exercise makes you more fit – than someone who doesn’t.

Writing everyday allows you to see things that unfocused writers will never see, never comprehend. Who would you want to present your (insightful, transformational, and fun) professional development speech?

Insight: Give your best away for free. Eventually, you are gifted with unexpected blessings.

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Simple Is As Simple Does

Are You Paying Attention?
Are You Paying Attention?

Simple is elusive.

Focus is elusive.

Determination is elusive.

Humility is elusive.

Unless your life purpose is clear.

Reading yesterday’s post had me question my humility.  You read it and you saw “I did”.

The thing you should understand (in case you don’t) is that there are many people who can tell you what should be done and why, but they themselves can not – not nearly to the extent they preach.

It seemed to me, there was an opportunity for a common man (perhaps a Father) to step up and try it differently.