The backs of the cards feature Hugh MacLeod’s inspiring cartoons

MOO business cards packaging
These were waiting in the mailbox when we got home from Epcot last night.


An amazing Graphic Designer has created my Disney speaking and consulting logo. The order for 1,000 business cards she created went out a few days ago.

In the spirit of Walt Disney, there was another thing i felt compelled to try.

After opening these last night, i submitted another order before going to bed, with two small teaks.


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Like most everything else, time will tell

Delta plane getting de-iced
A 12+ hour door-to-door travel day is not uncommon


Love the new business cards.

They were on the expensive side, yet their value in making a positive impression is remarkable.

Gave one out yesterday.

Most likely it will lead to a future opportunity to put a dent in the Universe.

Like most everything else, time will tell.

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You’re Probably Afraid Where You Stand

Who Standing There?
Who Standing There?

How’s that for a jeff noel five daily blogs blog post title?

“You’re Probably Afraid Where You Stand”

Would this be good on a business card?

As a slogan?

As a conversation starter?

As a kick in the ask pants?

Your pants.

Jump Start or Kick?
Jump Start or Kick?