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The odds of going viral increase in proportion to one’s ability to practice the values of the American Wild West pioneers.

Take any idea in the world, develop a platform, hone your story, court an audience, cast a clear, concise and compelling vision.

Then, be prepared for the fight of your life.

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Tomorrow, from The Blog Whisperer, a very important Mid Life Celebration public service announcement.

Note To Self

Fire is hot…

Pouring coffee yesterday morning in the quiet, low lit kitchen, this thought struck like lightning…

To be organized, we need to touch, decide, trash or keep, sort and store – at a pace equal to the inflow.

Anything less and we slowly start to get so far behind, it overwhelms us.


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It’s Easier To Do This, Isn’t It?

Follow The Current?
Follow The Current?

You know what humans are like?


Water is always looking for the easiest route. Water never chooses the uphill path. Only and always, the downhill path.

Sound familiar?

This is why we need to spend a significant amount of time figuring this out.

We have two choices.

  1. Follow the herd
  2. Lead the herd

If the followers are so smart with their ideas on how the leader should do things, why don’t they simply take charge?

Because their ideas don’t cut it.

Hard work does. And followers don’t have the guts to do the hard work. They sit in the shadows and know neither the agony of defeat, nor┬áthe thrill of victory.