It Happened While I Was Gone

Time Marches On
Time Marches On

This morning marks the first day of Fall in Central Florida. Of course, it doesn’t match the calendar date of the official start. But in Central Florida, in a sub-tropical climate, seasonal changes are much more subtle – nearly invisible.

And we are so busy rushing from day to day that we barely notice the passing of time.

Today is the first day since April that the temperature dipped below 70 degrees. And even though I write this from North Carolina, I paused long enough to notice.

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The Jerk Who Changed The World

You Think His Life Is Easy?
You Think His Life Is Easy?

The Jerk Who Changed The World.


People often ask me, “How do you do it all?”

The same way a single Mother of four children does.

The same way someone battling cancer does.

The same way a person with no limbs does.

The same way someone struggling with depression does.

The same way a Youth Minister builds a new Church.

I do it by doing.

There is no other way.

The secret though, is to have a reason “why”.

But you already knew that.

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You Have Only Two Choices

Make It A Big One
Make It A Big One

Seize the day.

Don’t seize the day.

You know, everyone has a tough life.

Television, movies and other media often trick us into thinking differently.

Get a grip on the day-to-day administrative chores you have, or life will bury you.

That’s what I tell myself every single day.

As soon as I feel I’m caught up, another pile of “to-do’s” arrives, almost laughing in my face.

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