Writer’s Retreat

Writer’s Retreat.  It’s the perfect get-a-way from the daily grind – not that I’m complaining.   Please, life is hard and most people, I think, know this.

In fact, I’m actually grateful for the grind.  But that’s another story.

Back to this short story.

I’m on a week-long writer’s retreat.  Of all places, Sanibel Island.

Of the many things I’ve learned as a writer, one critical success factor is the occasional trip away from your normal, daily surroundings.  Sanibel Island is the polar opposite of my normal life.

I have learned a ton and written a ton.

The retreat leader told everyone yesterday that you should write in a style outside your comfort zone.

Of course, I asked, “Why”?

He replied, “You’re a runner right.  A sprinter, if I remember correctly”.

Yes, that’s right”, I said.

He made an excellent point, “Well, as a sprinter, do you run distances much longer than a sprint”?

I got his point.

You have to “stretch yourself outside your comfort zone” and vary your training to be a great sprinter.

Same for writing.  It’s one of the big take-aways for me, and we are only on the third day.

Make it a great day.  I have to get back to the session.  More later.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

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