Themed HQ

a family room decorated for Christmas
We come to know the true meaning of HQ when we celebrate having an HQ every day.

Not dreaming of a white Christmas.

Dreaming of going out at the top of the game. Quitting after dominating the Olympics so to speak.

Leaving the track in peak form, not limping off the track because you stayed in the game past your peak.

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It’s the reason all three of us took the risk

Snyder Creek and Lake McDonald
Snyder Creek and Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park…and a few rock towers.


Lee Cockerell and i enjoyed a half-hour together yesterday.

Left the house at 5:50am for the hour bike ride to arrive 10 minutes early for a 7am breakfast at “Lee’s Starbucks”.

Lee’s son, Dan, recently left Disney to do what Lee and i do – help others by sharing our Disney wisdom in speeches and advising.

We shared how our Summer is going and weaved in and out of business talk.

Lee asked me if i ever expected the freedom i currently enjoy with controlling my time.


It was the reason i took the risk.

It’s the reason his son, Dan, recently did the same.

So excited for Dan – almost as if he’s my brother.

On the 12-mile return bike ride, i carved out 50 more minutes at the gym to focus on strength, core, and flexibility.


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It’s almost impossible to believe how hard i still work


Disney Toy Soldiers marching
Heading out to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Bus depot.


Disney University parking lot
i run through Disney University to use the lobby water fountain, both ways.


Disney University parking lot construction
Running home from Magic Kingdom yesterday.


To be able to live so close to Disney and to be able to do work that matters is an extraordinary blessing that i am constantly mindful of.




This website is about our home health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my mental attitude website, click here.

The work is never done

Orlando Top Motivational Speakers


(photo: The final day of Disney Outlook calendar access is lower right. The final month, upper left.)

One of the biggest tasks before retirement was organizing all the personal files from 30 years of service.

Many of those files now digital.

To help process the reality of this life altering choice, every calendar entry and every contact was deleted.

It’s the same process we go through when we buy a new cell phone – erase all the data off the old device.

But in this case, there’s no iCloud backup.

Thank goodness this day had been six years in the making.

Today is day 33 of retirement. Busy as ever. Who would have thought time would still feel limited?

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Let it ride or be intentional?

Orlandos top motivational speakers


(photo: Had to invite Claudine personally. She works here (photo). Worked with her since 1985, back in the days at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel)

Let it ride or be intentional? You only retire once, so our experience is zero. Sure, we attend a few retirement parties, but we never paid attention to how they get planned and executed. Who determines the attendees, the menu, the venue, the vibe?

Just leave it all alone, or get involved?

Also personally invited the Cast Member here.

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Note: Richard and Claudine were on the original invite list, but challenging to reach via traditional measures. Face-to-face got it done.