Today is special, just like yesterday

biking near Disney World
The beauty of today is often not in focus because of our disorganized life.


Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie, either use the china or give it away. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.


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Thanks again Walt Disney for never quitting

One Man's Dream photo
After applying my Mickey Mouse sticker to the Walt Disney tribute mural, i walked around a bit. Reminisced about my first role at Disney, “Jungle Jeff”.


One Man's Dream photo
Pressed for time, i decided to watch the movie anyway. Rather than exit the theater normally, the Disney Host invited us to exit (reenter) back into One Man’s Dream.


One Man's Dream photo
Notice “Project X”? The initial “top secret” name.


One Man's Dream photo
Notice the name change to The Florida Project?


One Man's Dream photo
Filming two segments: one for the general public and one for the Florida Governor (Hayden Burns).


One Man's Dream photo
Thirty minutes after the first sticker, there are two dozen more.


Disney culture experts
Hours later, this was in my Twitter feed.


i honestly thought there was simply going to be some type of inspiring presentation about Walt Disney. You know, something you passively observed and enjoyed at your leisure.

The hoopla over me being the first one was a “Magic Moment”.

Never expected it.

One Man’s Dream was literally a ghost town for the first 20 minutes.

This unencumbered time allowed several one-on-one conversations with four Cast Members.


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Organized for double dipping?

Disneyland Hotel carpet



Disney's Contemporary Resort signage


Organized for double dipping?

We talked about it mid-trip, the notion of visiting Land and World on the same day. On the final day (yesterday, March 9) flying from Los Angeles to Orlando we semi-committed to doing it. On the drive home from the airport we decided to go for it.

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A moment like this may never happen again. Ever.

Tommy Spaulding's best selling book
The keynote speaker yesterday was remarkable and was the former CEO of Up With People (and a NY Times bestselling author)


Professional speaker jeff noel backstage at The Breakers
Back behind the stage and three screens, waiting, and feeling great pressure to be remarkable


jeff noel professional speaker at The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
A moment like this may never happen again. Ever.


A moment like this may never happen again. Ever.

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Happy Mother’s Day

World's Best Mommy
World's Best Mommy

My Son’s Mother is amazing.

Just before our son was born in 2000, a colleague gave me the best piece of advice for raising children, and he said it was told to him by a very old and very wise woman.

“You only need to remember two things when it comes to raising children. You can’t hold them too much and you can’t love them too much.”

A few years later, I shared this story with a group and afterwards one man approached me and said, “There’s a third thing. Love their Mother.