When you are organized

Glacier Red Bus Tour
A Red Bus tour descending from Logan Pass to Rising Sun.
Mt Reynolds
Mt Reynolds. An angle that is less viewed. A side of Mt Reynolds that i stood at from the hike 99.99% never take.

When you are organized you rarely need to panic.

In fact, you may delight in your freedom from panic.

To be clear, panic’s magnetic force will tempt you, but you will take a deep breath and realize you are in a good place.

Being highly organized at home is great for everyday living. And it is exceptional for “life’s unexpected bad weather”.

If Disney Ran Your Life, you are well prepared for everything, even things that may never happen, or things that only happen every 10-20 years.

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Thanks again Walt Disney for never quitting

One Man's Dream photo
After applying my Mickey Mouse sticker to the Walt Disney tribute mural, i walked around a bit. Reminisced about my first role at Disney, “Jungle Jeff”.


One Man's Dream photo
Pressed for time, i decided to watch the movie anyway. Rather than exit the theater normally, the Disney Host invited us to exit (reenter) back into One Man’s Dream.


One Man's Dream photo
Notice “Project X”? The initial “top secret” name.


One Man's Dream photo
Notice the name change to The Florida Project?


One Man's Dream photo
Filming two segments: one for the general public and one for the Florida Governor (Hayden Burns).


One Man's Dream photo
Thirty minutes after the first sticker, there are two dozen more.


Disney culture experts
Hours later, this was in my Twitter feed.


i honestly thought there was simply going to be some type of inspiring presentation about Walt Disney. You know, something you passively observed and enjoyed at your leisure.

The hoopla over me being the first one was a “Magic Moment”.

Never expected it.

One Man’s Dream was literally a ghost town for the first 20 minutes.

This unencumbered time allowed several one-on-one conversations with four Cast Members.


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Generally, we get what we pay for

Allegiant airlines mobile app
Heading to a reunion. A 34-year tradition.


Some trips, like the upcoming France trip are pricey. Others, like today’s non-stop to Charlotte cost $101 roundtrip.

Every year since 1981 the college buddies have gather together for an annual meetup.

Gibmore here i come.

The Gibbon’s mountain cabin is not far from the Biltmore Estate.

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We were convinced they were in the right order

Karma sign
What is karma? And is it important? And how or why/why not?


Ever have a few days with a string of events reminding you of the difficult nature of managing our priorities?

Our exposure to things we normally aren’t exposed to challenges the order of our priorities.

The very same priorities we were convinced were in the right order.

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Without this finely tuned filter, we waffle, suffer, and rob ourselves

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel entrance
On the road again – Amway Grand Plaza Hotel – travel can complicate life if we are disorganized.


We are presented with challenges our whole life. How we manage them is up to us.

We know this.

The glorious release – from the prison that unexpected change shackles us to – is in creating processes for creatively thinking about how to get through the one that just hit us.

Being organized helps us develop a filter for deciding which way to go moving forward – what to change and what to never change.

Without this decently tuned filter, we waffle, suffer, and rob ourselves of daily living in the moment – joy.

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