3,126 and 15,630

iPhone calculator
Number of consecutive days.


iPhone calculator
Number of published blog posts from the five main websites.


3,126 and 15,630

As of November 26, 2017, the total number of consecutive days writing five differently-themed posts on five separate websites is 3,126 (3,127 counting today).

This equates to 15,630 (15,635 counting today).


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The work is never done

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(photo: The final day of Disney Outlook calendar access is lower right. The final month, upper left.)

One of the biggest tasks before retirement was organizing all the personal files from 30 years of service.

Many of those files now digital.

To help process the reality of this life altering choice, every calendar entry and every contact was deleted.

It’s the same process we go through when we buy a new cell phone – erase all the data off the old device.

But in this case, there’s no iCloud backup.

Thank goodness this day had been six years in the making.

Today is day 33 of retirement. Busy as ever. Who would have thought time would still feel limited?

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What a ride

What a ride.

This post is the 15,630th post i’ve written since April Fools Day 2009.

And this post entitled “What a ride” was inspired by this post, my 15,629th post.

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, concludes the 200+- additional blog post (in the past 36 hours) writing that i deemed was necessary to bring me peace of mind to have my blog calendars reflect actual totals in the daily writing without missing a day.


Five daily, differently-themed blog posts on five separate but daisy-chained websites:






Ps. i own, and occasionally write at a dozen other websites, but they are not part of this calculation.

Just two more miles

Just two more miles.

Imagine just two more miles to reach a 15,630-mile journey.

At this very moment of writing, it feels like i can’t muster any more creativity.

But here we are now, almost finished with this post and then one more.

And after that “one more”, i’ll have traveled to 15,630 individual blog posts.


What a ride.



Be thankful it’s not worse

Be thankful it’s not worse.


The writing to fix the blog calendar counts.

Instead of 200+- posts required to be written to remedy what you say is not right, it could be 250, or 325.

Ok, now that you put it that way, i’m grateful.

Thank you.