Beginner’s luck meets the worlds most powerful brand, Disney

Most admired brand
Just one day prior to Fortune’s Most Admired list, Disney was named World’s Most Powerful Brand.


Beginner’s luck runs in my Family.

Had no idea when i was hired in 1982, that working at Disney for 30+ years would provide a special place in the professional speaker marketplace.

Most business leaders recognize the powerful, common sense approach Disney maintains and continuously improves.




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Disney moved to number six on Fortune’s 2015 Most Admired Company list

Fortune's 2015 most admired company list.
Fortune announced the 2015 Most Admired list yesterday.


Fortune 500 most admired companies Disney bio
Bob Iger has been The Walt Disney Company CEO since 2005.


Disney CEO Bob Iger and keynote speaker jeff noel
This photo is so old, we both carried Blackberrys.


Bob Iger’s vision for The Walt Disney Company is organized around three precepts:

  1. Creativity
  2. Technology
  3. Globalization

And using those three, to become the most admired company in the world.

Maybe it’s impossible. Apple just earned their eighth consecutive Most Admired Company distinction.

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What Does It Take For These

Best of the Best = Gold Medal
Best of the Best = Gold Medal

What does it take for these accolades:

  • Person of the Year – Ben Bernachi
  • Athlete of the Decade – Tiger Woods
  • Top You Tube views – Susan Boyle

The last one, top You Tube views is amazing because of the staggering odds against it ever happening.

  • More than 2nd, 3rd, & 4th most viewed combined
  • Before last year, who the heck is Susan Boyle?

For everyone who isn’t embracing the Internet, you still have time.

Yesterday’s announcement of the iPad is just another indication the world is changing.

Embrace it or ignore it?

Pick one.