think • feel • move • work • dwell

tee shirt logos
Logos, colors, fonts, images, etc have been consuming most waking thoughts lately.


The five things every functional adult human does is:

think • feel • move • work • dwell


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

And where we dwell, there is where we do the paperwork of life.

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Is Life As Simple As Five Big Choices?

Julian (93) said ambition is required for longevity. I'm guessing a sense of humor too.

Does life have five big choices? Yes. We have a mental, physical, spiritual, career and home responsibility. Neglect one of these and your life will reflect a proportional discord. Neglect two and life becomes proportionally more difficult and unbalanced. Three or more…

Insight: Just because no one has ever shared this model for life with you – that includes these five choices – doesn’t mean it isn’t a breakthrough for uncommon sense.

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Life’s Office Furniture

What do you make of it?

Metaphorically in the office of life, how is your furniture arranged? Organized? Coordinated? Eclectic? Simple? Complex? Relaxing? Inviting? Cluttered? Stressful? Inspiring? Demotivating?

Insight: If we can not organize our office, we can not organize our thoughts. Clear thinking is the key to deciding for ourselves what’s important.

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