Do the Math?

Thirty-one to fifty?

What the?

Only 31 days until I turn 50.  The big 5-0!

Woo – hoo!  Seriously.

While some dread 50, I can’t wait.

Why dread something that is inevitable?

This is a hard thing to do – to not dread the inevitable.


Don’t know exactly.  The way I figure it, we all have to deal with the inevitable in our own unique and special way.

Our choices are fairly straight-forward.  Positive or negative.  Victor or victim.  Surrender or suffocation.

Look, I’m not an expert at this.  I just happen to be almost 50.  What this means is that I’ve seen a lot, but certainly not everything.

So take this content for what it’s worth.  Simply a personal opinion from a guy who’s seen both heaven and hell.

Carpe diem and best wishes for discernment.  jeff 🙂

By jeff noel

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