1 Thing That Was Most Touching

They Grew Up Together
They Grew Up Together
I Slept With Him In His Cage For Hours
I Slept With Him In His Cage For Hours

This blog, of the five, is about the day to day stuff that doesn’t fall into one of life’s big four choices – MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, MONEY.

I mean, where would picking out a puppy fall? Or picking a Vet?

We’ve been going to the same Vet for 23 years, in Kissimmee, Florida.

As our most recent Lab Carter, began to fail rapidly on February 10, we chose a Vet much closer.

Why? Because I knew we’d be making many trips, maybe even daily. Chapin came with Carter and me several times.

A Few Days Later, Valentines Day
A Few Days Later, Valentines Day

I dug the grave (above) and buried Carter on Valentine’s Day.

Then the day after I laid Carter to rest, a Monday, I went in to pay the Vet bill.

Amanda, who saw me first, well, the first thing she said was, “How’s your son?”

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The Dance

100% Retreiver
100% Retriever

Heading back to the vet to check on Carter.

All that’s in my mind right now is this Garth Brooks song, The Dance.

The pain that is being felt and the pain that will continue to swell, is worth every minute we spent together.

However, on the other hand, the pain is beginning to cut so deeply, but so slowly, that I hear myself thinking, “I’m never getting another Dog.”

“The pain of saying goodbye is too much for a human heart to bear.”

My Dog Is A Genius

My Dog is a genius.  Every time that I’m home at 5:00Pm, usually on weekends, my Dog comes and nudges me at 5:00Pm.

Not 4:30PM, or 4:55Pm, but at 5:00PM.

Carter did it again yesterday.

It made me smile.  I like smiling.  Carter understands this and is a genius at knowing how to do it.